Florida Politics: Gregory Tony endorses ‘battle-tested’ James Reyes for Miami-Dade Sheriff

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony knows who he wants as his counterpart to the south: Miami-Dade County Chief of Public Safety James Reyes, who for years worked as a senior administrator at the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

He made it known Tuesday, announcing his support of Reyes, a fellow Democrat and one of 16 candidates vying to be Miami-Dade’s first elected Sheriff in decades.

“I’ve made it a practice to reserve my endorsement for only the most honorable, competent, experienced, and ethical candidates who run for office and I am truly delighted to officially endorse James Reyes,” Tony said in a statement.

“For four years, I had a front-row seat witnessing James’ creativity, innovation, and exceptional performance. I believe he is not only the best candidate for Miami-Dade County Sheriff, but more importantly, he is a battle-tested and accomplished leader.”

A 23-year law enforcement veteran, Reyes spent more than two decades with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, including four years as its Executive Director under Tony.

He left last year to lead the Miami-Dade Corrections Department and was since promoted to Public Safety Officer, a post in which he oversees the county’s Corrections, Police and Fire Rescue departments.

Reyes, who announced his candidacy for Sheriff last week, said he is “profoundly honored” to receive a nod from his former boss, “who has a proven record of leading one of the most accountable and well-respected Sheriff’s offices in Florida.”

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