Florida Politics: ‘Unfailing integrity’: Daniella Levine Cava endorses James Reyes for Miami-Dade Sheriff

Seventeen current and former law enforcement professionals are running for Miami-Dade Sheriff, but Mayor Daniella Levine Cava has a favorite.

Levine Cava is endorsing James Reyes, a longtime jail warden she appointed last year as the county’s Chief of Public Safety to oversee the Police, Corrections and Fire departments.

“I am proud to endorse Chief James Reyes for Miami-Dade County Sheriff because he believes deeply in public service and leads with unfailing integrity,” she said in a Thursday statement.

“His leadership … has delivered proven results, built community trust, and kept our residents and families safe. Growing up in Miami-Dade, James understands that the diversity of our community is our greatest asset and he knows firsthand why the freedoms we cherish in our country must always be protected.”

Levine Cava’s endorsement of Reyes, whom she hired to take over the county’s 4,000-inmate jail system in December 2022, is noteworthy because three other fellow Democrats are seeking the returning Sheriff post. One of them, John Barrow, is a Major in the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Republicans Jose AraguJaspen BishopRosie Cordero-StutzOrlando Lopez and Rolando Riera are also on the county police force payroll.

Reyes outranks them all. And Levine Cava outranks him, though that wouldn’t necessarily be the case if he wins this November.

Their campaigns also have many of the same people working on them.

In a statement, Reyes said he is “deeply honored” to win a nod from the Mayor.

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