for Miami-Dade County

Experienced leadership. A vision for our future.

That’s James Reyes’ commitment to Miami-Dade.


As Chief of Public Safety, James oversees Miami Dade Police, Miami Dade Fire Rescue, and Miami Dade Corrections. He knows the importance of interagency and intergovernmental cooperation. As Sheriff, James will prioritize working with county and municipal government officials and Miami-Dade’s municipal police departments to enhance communication and bolster community safety.

Public Corruption

An experienced law enforcement officer who has fought public corruption for over a decade, James will establish an independent public corruption unit. This unit will focus on combating corruption across Miami-Dade and maintaining high levels of trust in government.

in Transition

Miami-Dade hasn’t elected a Sheriff in over sixty years. In his current role as Chief of Public Safety and as the only candidate in the race with executive leadership experience in a Sheriff’s office, James is uniquely equipped to oversee a smooth transition from the Miami-Dade Police Department to the Miami-Dade Sheriff’s Office, without compromising public safety.

in Technology

In Broward, James brought a real-time crime center live, utilizing innovative technology to prevent and fight crime. As Sheriff, he’ll ensure Miami-Dade continues to invest in the latest technology to ensure our officers have the equipment they need to protect our streets, to keep our neighborhoods safe, and ensure we’re preventing crime before it happens.

Public Trust

Miami-Dade County is a national leader in communication and trust between communities and law enforcement. James knows that this trust is crucial to maintaining the integrity of law enforcement and protecting our neighborhoods. That’s why he’ll prioritize dialogue, community engagement and partnerships, and community policing as our Sheriff.

Recruiting and Retaining
Ethical Leaders

Throughout his career, one of James unique strengths has been identifying, investing in, and retaining top talent. As Sheriff, James will prioritize recruiting and retaining top talent and ensuring a work environment where our officers can grow and thrive.

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